Are you a Race Director who is constantly being asked to transfer a race number, despite not being able to do it?
Are you an Event Organizer who wants to make sure that those who signed up for your race are satisfied?
Do you want Runners to return for your next race, to spread the word about your awesomeness, and to bring their friends and family?

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If you answered YES to any of those questions, then these facts should matter to you:



  • Tension has been brewing for a while. Runners are really frustrated about the current policies associated with race number refunds.
  • Road races are getting very popular and are bigger than ever before. But in order to ensure safety; the race courses remain limited to participants. Organizers such as yourself can’t make the events larger even if you tried- you’re already at maximum capacity.
  • Sometimes races sell out weeks in advance and many participants can’t register for a race, while others are sitting on unused race entries that they can no longer use.
  • Life happens, runners get injured, pregnant, they are called away for military service or work emergencies, and they are upset when you have to DENY them a Transfer or a Refund.
  • Bandit runners are sneaking into races without having an official bib, using up the course resources. Meanwhile legitimate runners can’t sign up for a race that is already full. In most cases there is no race refund policy.
  • There is a flourishing black market where people go behind the organizers back and try to dump their unused race entries and bib swapping is rampant. Why? Because there are no other solutions offered to them.

A SOLUTION for Bib Swapping 

We at BIBSWITCH understand that in most cases you cannot transfer a race number, because as part of your mandate, you already spent most of the registration funds on various items like insurance, bib numbers, race chips, t-shirts, course marshals, permits, medals and more. And in some cases where a charity is involved, this all gets even more complicated. Plus, race directors are busy people too! Who has time to add more work to their plate, chasing down paperwork and registration details?

Instead of that, we are offering you a FREE service that will help solve a LOT of these issues for you and the community you are serving.

With BIBSWITCH, you will be able to:

  • Eliminate the black market of race numbers, bib swapping and bandit runners (those who run without being registered or with fake numbers)
  • Improve race result accuracy
  • Provide higher overall participant satisfaction
  • Protect yourself from unexpected liabilities on your race course, including medical emergency mishaps
  • Breathe some new life and positive energy back into racing


  • You don’t need to issue a refund to a runner who can’t participate in your race any longer, we will find a runner for you. The new runner is happily willing to take over the race number and reimburse the participant who can no longer attend your event.
  • You will be able to set your transfer price.
  • You will be able to set a cut-off date for transfers to eliminate last minute changes/rush/ madness.
  • You can end up with race numbers that are donated back to you, which you can resell or offer it to low-income entrants in your community.

BIBSWITCH will make sure that:

  • You receive centralized transfer requests, so you don’t have to deal with individual request, leaving you to fully focus on other race details.
  • A person cannot transfer more than two race numbers in any given year, thus avoiding the abuse of the system.
  • A race entry can never be sold for a higher price than it was purchased, thus eliminating price scalping.
  • The person who takes over the race number will sign your Liability Waiver so you are covered.
  • You are collecting transfer fees for your administrative work (updating your records, etc.)
  • You will be featured in our Hall of Fame page where we give Kudos to organizers who care about their runners.
  • You will be loved, praised and appreciated by the running community!

Introducing BIBSWITCH – A Marketplace For Bib Numbers

With BIBSWITCH, you don’t have to worry about how to transfer a race number. BIBSWITCH uses a totally transparent and secure process that includes cooperation, honesty and fairness, while eliminating the black market for race numbers that currently exists.

How It works:
We thought long and hard about this, and we came up with a solution that we believe will make it easy for everyone involved. The process starts on our listings page, where athletes can contact us about bib numbers that they can no longer use.

From there, we contact you (the Race Director), and request the approval to post the bib for sale, transfer to a friend or family member, or to donate it back to you.

Once you approve the request, we will provide everything that you’ll need to update your race registration database, including the original receipt and registration information, as well as signed Liability Waivers. In the meantime, you are compensated for your effort by the buyer to help with the additional administrative work. We collect a small fee for the transaction, and the rest of the sale price is split between you and the participant who can no longer attend your event.

You can easily add a BIBSWITCH link to your website or event promo materials, offering your participants a fair solution without doing the heavy lifting yourself.

If you want to work with us,  or if you have any questions- please reach out to

With BIBSWITCH – Everyone Wins!