Frequently Asked Questions

That’s a great question. There are a lot of costs associated with races, and once you’ve signed up for a race, the Race Director uses those funds for various things such as: permits, security measures, timing chips, bib-numbers, T-shirts, water stations, perhaps a cool looking medal, etc. We are here to help you find someone who would take over your number and compensate you, so the Race Director won’t end up with a loss on your registration.
Standard race rules indicate that you can’t actually just give someone your bib-number. When you signed up for the race, you probably signed a waiver that prohibits you from transferring your bib number to someone else. BIBSWITCH might charge you a small commission for the service it provides to you; after all we need to keep this website running!
You should not post your bib-number on the site if you are not 100% sure you want to transfer your registration. Once the transfer is done, you can’t change your mind and the bib will no longer be yours!
Unfortunately, if you try to transfer your number close to the race date, there is just not enough time to find a replacement runner and for the Race Directors to make all the necessary changes related to the transfer. The sooner you post your bib, the better the chances are that a runner will be willing to take it over from you! We strongly encourage you to allow enough time for the transfer to happen.
Nope. BIBSWITCH is not a race registration service. We are only matching runners and facilitate payments and communications between them.
The runner who sells the bib sets the price! But we do not allow price scalping on BIBSWITCH. If the re-sale price is way out of line, the admin will reject the post and the bib will not be visible on the site. Our goal is to help runners on both sides. Thank you for understanding! And don't forget this is a marketplace as any others; sometimes lowering your asking price will get you a replacement runner a bit faster.
When submitting a bib request, please enter the last date when transfers are still allowed. If you don't know the date, please enter the day before the race date in this field. The system will only keep your race number visible until this set date; after the transfer period is gone, your posting will be gone as well! If the transfer date is changed by the race, make sure you update your posting. Some Race organizers are really nice and sometimes they extend the transfer period before a race!
There are mainly two reasons for this to happen: 1.) the race organizer does not allow official transfers to the participants or 2) something is missing from the Bib Request submission form. If you don't send us any information that verifies your registration we can not post your bib to the site. No exceptions! Imagine if everyone would start selling imaginary race numbers here... If you forgot to attach your registration confirmation, you can send it to us by email at Don't worry, we keep this information confidential and it will not be visible anywhere on the website. You can also log back to your account and edit any missing information if needed.
The BIBSWITCH process follows certain steps in order to make things work properly for everyone involved. First, you register and input your BIBSWITCH request and the related information. Soon after submitting, you will get an email from us confirming that we did receive your request. If the Race Organizers have set up or allow transfers for participants, your bib will be visible. We will not publish any bibs for re-sale or transfer if it is prohibited by the Race Organizers.
Once you paid for a bib, you will receive and email from BIBSWITCH with the seller’s name, email address and phone number. The Seller should be reaching out to you right away and start the transfer process on the official race registration page. Feel free to send an email directly to the selling runner as well. We runners do love each other, don't we!? If you do not receive any transfer related communication from the Seller or directly from the registration website of the race, please let us know right away. You as a buyer can always ask for a refund from PayPal if the transfer goes south for any reason, but first, we should reach out to the selling runner and see why the transfer was not initiated. Once the Transfer is completed, you will start receiving race and packet pick-up instructions directly from the Race Organizers.
We totally understand that you are angry and disappointed with the Race Director’s transfer policy or the lack of such policy. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do at this point. We strongly encourage you to voice your opinion and sign our petition on our Home Page. This way we can show the Race Directors that their denials are affecting a lot of runners just like you. The more signatures we collect, the louder our voice can get!
Did you land on that awesome 404 Page?!? Something else is buggy? Blame our developers! Just kidding. Like all growing websites, our website is under constant development to make sure we are giving you a great experience when visiting our site. If anything seems off, something is not loading or working properly, please contact us at so we can look into the problem and correct it right away.
Your personal information is always safe with us. When you post or request a bib on the site, BIBSWITCH will not disclose any of your information or identity to third parties. After a bib was sold on the site, the transfer runners will both receive an email with their related information such as: full name, email address and phone number. We do this in order to allow runners to communicate with each other and to be able to start and finish the transfer process on the original race registration site.
We need to make sure that runners are posting real bib numbers here and only for races that allow official transfers. BIBSWITCH will reach out to the race organizers if the transfer policy is not clear on the event website. If you don't specify the place, date or race distance, or your contact information, we can not post a bib or reach you in case we have any questions about your entry.
You have to check the official registration website for the Transfer Process. Each transfer has different rules depending on the registration method used. If something is not clear, please reach out to us before buying a specific bib.
Make sure that you check your SPAM folders and if possible add to your Safe Sender email list.
If for any reasons you decide to delete your BIBSWITCH account, please send us a note and the admin will delete your account. You might wonder why can't you just delete it yourself? You can’t just delete and account because we want to protect the runners who are using our site. Before any account goes into deletion mode, and admin will make sure that all sold bibs were transferred as agreed.
We hear you, and at BIBSWITCH we don’t want to participate in anything illegal either. Our main goal is to help eliminate the black market and the illegal sale of bib numbers. All the bib-numbers posted to the site can be officially transferred. And just in case you’re still concerned, we’re happy to reassure you that BIBSWITCH is a New York State registered company, and we cannot participate in any illegal activities.
Send us an email at or submit a question on our Contact Us form and we will make sure to get back to you with the answer shortly. Thank you for giving BIBSWITCH a try!