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I hit a deer on my bike a 40 mph three weeks before Ironman. Broke my foot. Too bad, no transfer, no refund! Out $700!
T.D. USA – Sept 24, 2015

People are going to sell and transfer their bibs regardless of whether or not it is against the rules, this would create a safer race for everyone – people wouldn’t be motivated to run races while injured and RDs would have the correct medical information for all runners
Anonymous – Sept 24, 2015


Month 10 of a serious injury; dealing with over $400 of nontrans/nondeferable fall race fees. This would be so great!
Anonymous – Sept 24, 2015

Sounds like a good idea to me. I’ve had bibs that I signed up for and then realized I couldn’t do. I always feel bad that someone else could have had it.

Anonymous – Sept 24, 2015