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 Are you a BIB SEEKER?

Seekers are those individuals who want to take over a race number listed on the site, people who will help to keep bibs in motion!


Seekers acknowledge the fact that they will need to sign and submit (to BIBSWITCH) a Liability Waiver issued by the Race Director, prior the race packet pickup. If they don’t, their participation in a race might be denied, even if they successfully purchased a bib on the site.


For more details, please click here for our user agreement.


Are you a BIB HOLDER? 

Holders are individuals who have already purchased a bib in advance of an official race, but for some reason they can no longer participate in the event. Holders have the option to:

Transfer a race number to friends or family
Donate your bib back to the Race Director
-Seek a Buyer in order to Resell their bib.


Holders acknowledge the fact that sending in a request does not guarantee a sale, transfer or donation. The final decision will be made by the Race Directors and not BIBSWITCH.

Do You Have A Question? Visit Our FAQ Page for More Details.