At BIBSWITCH℠, we want to acknowledge the effort that Race Directors are making to effect change in the right direction. Our Hall Of Fame is a place where we give kudos to the Race Directors who partner up with us to allow transfers for runners using our platform. We want to give them a place to shine, where you can give them a digital high-5, pat them on the back and acknowledge their awesomeness.


We are proud to announce our partnership with:

DreamCatcher Half Marathon & Kids Run

Grand Junction, Colorado

March 4, 2017

USATF Certified


BIBSWITCH is proud to partner with small local races and helping them create a better race experience for the local running community.

Below we list prestigious races and events who are already offering an in-house transfer option to their event participants. Although we do not partner with the below listed organizations, we still want to acknowledge them for making an extra effort in helping out the running community and creating a better race environment for the participants.

If our ipetitions can persuade race directors to allow transfers in the future for their runners and we can see this list grow, we will call that a VICTORY!


We all love that warm fuzzy feeling that we get when we see someone offer a good deed to others, or solve a problem that effects groups of people. Yet the world is a busy place, and we’re all swamped with trying to manage our busy schedules. At this pace- it’s not always easy, or lets face it- convenient, to take that the time to help others. Sometimes it’s actually a hassle.

On the other hand, when things get a bit hairy doesn’t it make the most sense to step up and make the time to cooperate with each other? Sure it does- that’s the power of numbers, the power of symbiotic relationships. And it’s actually pretty natural to want to help others, except that there’s usually something in the way- something that makes helping others feel like “work”.


Well, this applies to us in the running world as well. Runners are passionate people, working hard to get ready for the race. And the Race Directors are also working hard to organize everything involved- everyone has a lot on their plate. So when unforeseen circumstances arise before a race, and the athlete has to cancel, it’s a matter of managing the unexpected on all sides.

As you likely know- Bibs don’t come with refunds, and before BIBSWITCH there were very few exceptions. Although it’s no ones fault; it’s not fair to keep things that way- it’s time for a policy change. The good news is that things are changing, and cooperation is winning.