Q: Is this service even legal? I don’t want to participate in anything illegal!

A: We hear you, and at BIBSWITCH we don’t want to participate in anything illegal either. Our main goal is to help eliminate the black market and the illegal sale of bib numbers.

And just in case you’re still concerned, we’re happy to reassure you that BIBSWITCH is a New York State registered company, and we cannot participate in any illegal activities.

Q: I am confused, how the transfer works between runners?

1.) If the Race Organizers have their own Transfer Program set up we can help runners find each other and connect them in order to do the transfer on the official registration page of the event.

The organizers will set the cut-off date and the transfer fee involved.

Once we find two runners that match, we will send both of you an email, so you can connect and start the transfer process.

Runners are responsible for checking all the official transfer rules.

Many of the existing transfer programs offered by event organizers right now have no fund transfer option built in, thus runners are usually paying each other via PayPal, Venmo, direct bank transfer or any other mutually agreed way.

Who pays the transfer fee?

We recommend that runners split the fees since they both are helping each other out. Of course this is also a decision that needs to be done by the two runners, or it is specified in the transfer rules of the event.

How much money will I receive from my bib?

We also recommend runners to ask only for the face value of their registration – meaning do not sell your number for more than what you paid for it when signed up for a race. It would not be fair otherwise. Runners are awesome people, so play nice!

3.) If the Race Organizers do not allow transfers or refunds under any circumstances… well our hands are tied and we can not do much to help the running community out.  Please head to our PETITION page and try to talk sense into them. Sign the petition (no donations required) and leave a comment why do you think allowing transfers are important and should be part of any organized event.

Q: Why do we need you, why can’t the Race Director just give my money back?

A: That’s a great question. There are a lot of costs associated with races, and once you’ve signed up for a race, the Race Director uses those funds (in part) for various things such as: permits, security measures, timing chips, BIBNUMBERS, T-shirts, water stations, perhaps a cool looking medal, etc.
We are here to find someone who would take your number and partially compensate you, so the Race Director won’t end up with a loss on your number.

Q: Why does my friend or family member need to pay anything when I can just give them my number for free?

A: Standard race rules indicate that you can’t actually just give someone your BIBNUMBER. When you signed up for the race, you probably signed a waiver that prohibits you from transferring your BIBNUMBER to someone else.

Q: I am really not decided right now if I want to run a race or not, what should I do?

A: You should not post your BIBNUMBER on the site if you are not 100% sure you want to switch.

Q: Why can’t I switch last minute?

A: Unfortunately if you try to switch close to the race date, there is just not enough time for the Race Directors to make all the necessary changes related to the switch (such as updating timing chips and databases). The sooner you reach out the better the chances are that the Race Director will approve the switch. We strongly encourage you to be sure that you allow enough time for the transfer to happen.

Q: Is my information safe? I don’t want to get in trouble with the Race Director because I can’t participate in the race anymore and I want to switch my bib.

A: Your personal information is always safe with us. When we make a BIBSWITCH request on your behalf, we will not disclose any of your information or identity to anyone, including the Race Directors, until your switch request is approved. We don’t want to get you in trouble either!

Q: The Race is still open and available, should I use BIBSWITCH to register for the race?

A: BIBSWITCH is only available for helping you to find a runner for transferring already-purchased bibs, only in the event that you cannot make it to a race due to unforeseen circumstances. Otherwise, we are not a service that you can register for races through.

Q: I’m frustrated because the Race Director does not allow transfers. What do I do now?

A: We totally understand that you are angry and disappointed with the Race Director’s decision. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do at this point. We strongly encourage you to sign our petition here so we can show the Race Directors that their denials are affecting a lot of people. The more signatures we have, the easier it will get to convince them next time around!

Q: Why are you limiting how many BIBNUMBERS I can switch in a year? What if I registered for more than 2 races and I can’t run them?

A: This is another great question. At BIBSWITCH, we don’t want to encourage people to sign up for races they can’t attend. We also don’t want people to start abusing the system. If you have a special situation and have more BIBNUMBERS available please contact us directly here and we will see if there is a solution for you.

Q: Your website is acting up; some things do not work here! What should I do?

A: Blame our website people! Just kidding. Like all growing websites, ours website is under constant development to make sure we are giving you a great experience when visiting our site. If anything seems off, something is not loading or working properly, please send us an email here so we can look into and correct the issue right away.

Q: What type of races can I use the BIBSWITCH service for?

A: You can use our platform with any type of recreational and non-elite sporting events that requires you to sign up for; and issues a BIBNUMBER. As long as you have the event registration confirmation, and a valid reason to switch your bib, you’re good!

Q: Why are there no pictures of real bibs on your website listings?

A: Bibs are not released to runners until very close to the race start date, so pictures are not available and therefore we cannot post them. This also discourages the black market practice of duplicating/ printing bib information.

You can’t find your question here?

Send us an email at info@bibswitch.com and we will make sure to get back to you with the answer shortly.